“Grounding” Gemstone Bracelet


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“Grounding” Bracelet created with Smokey Quartz, Black Onyx Hematite & Tiger Eye 

A combination of beautiful crystals intuitively selected by Kyle for healing purpose and infused with Reiki Healing Intentions by Aileen xxx

Grounding – Hematite- Mentally clears head and allows for uninterrupted thinking something I struggle with. It can be very hard to stay grounded if your head is up in the clouds thinking about a million and one problems. Hematite is very good for clearing ones head thereby letting one remember their roots are in the ground. Smoky Quartz- Keeps you in the now, Not the future or past but makes sure the present is focussed on. Same as with Hematite, if your thoughts are away on something you said to a friend a day ago or ahead thinking of the growing amount of bills coming up it becomes very hard to ground yourself. It allows you to step back, take a breath, and get everything back in line and present you a solid goal to chase down. Onyx- Onyx opens up different ways of thinking in more unique ways. This can be handy when it comes to chasing down the goal the smoky quartz allowed you to set. The ways Onyx allows you to think will aid hopefully with the problems that the Hematite is trying to stop. Onyx while not a grounding stone is a great companion to Smoky Quartz and Hematite allowing them to do their job a lot better ~ the extra Tiger Eye completes this grounding kit to lend you patience, self confidence and focus ~ Kyle

All bracelets come in a beautiful organza bag with crystal information & care instructions.

Please note this design is created with 24 x 8mm natural gemstone beads if you choose a different size you will get the same gemstones but a different design as I always try to create my bracelets in a harmonic sequence.  It is approx 19-20cm on a strong elastic cord which fits most wrists – I ask that you please confirm your wrist size when ordered so I ensure a good fit for you.

Disclaimer:  Mystic Trinity makes no claims as to the healing properties of gemstones.  Healing and other properties associated with crystals are given for information only.  This information is offered as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment.

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