Each bracelet is made with love,  beautiful gemstones & the intention to help you connect to your inner magic with

 an infusion of Reiki Healing to help clear energy blocks, balance and align you with your heart centre.

I’ve created a beautiful range of Intention Bracelets , Zodiac Intention Bracelets & specialise in designing Personalised Bracelets working with

your higher self, guiding you to shine your beautiful light as you were born to do!

Welcome ...

Hello beautiful soul!  Please allow me to introduce myself… my name is Aileen..   I love to connect with amazing people all around the world, my passion is to help YOU to discover your very own special inner magic that will guide you to see all the possibilities you CAN manifest through commitment to your goals & belief in your amazing self…

My products & services are a mix of my love of Astrology, Crystals, Reiki, Gratitude and Positive Thinking to help clear energy blocks, old ways of being that may no longer serve us  & instead looking to discover new ways of approaching life to make your heart happy & your eyes sparkle!

My personalized crystal bracelet is instantly providing me with life altering energy shifts & I’m still attuning to it!

Thank you so much as your love & light have changed my life xxx Tanya


Aileen made me a positively luminous personalized bracelet! It resonates with me so well that I got chills when I put it on.  Her positivity is infectious and her talent is keen and delightful!



Wow just received my beautiful braclet. Felt the energy as soon as I put it on.

Goose bumps all over my body for a full minute.

Thank you. Xx Lisa


“Aileen was born with a natural gift for astrology. She may not have studied it for as long as other astrologers I know but she makes up for it with her initiative, intuition and passion. Michelle Buchanan

Michelle Buchanan Numerologist


My Nan always told me you don’t choose your crystals.. they choose you 🙂

Each month on my Facebook Page I have my Little Online Crystal Market but if you love crystals as much as I do.. a whole month can be a long time to wait for beautiful new crystal treasures so I’m building a new collection here… perhaps there just may be one calling YOUR name…..