Today I am so grateful for the day I decided to try creating gemstone bracelets … They had called to me for months and once I began I knew I had found something that truly made my heart smile.

I love creating personalised gemstone bracelets, working with crystals intuitively, getting to connect with some many beautiful souls xxx And never in my wildest dreams did I think they would be worn all around the world! I can’t stop smiling when I receive your emails and messages to let me know how wonderful that make you feel wearing them, or if they bring comfort and smiles to your loved ones, it fills me heart so much xxx … I feel so privileged to be of service to you!

So thank you so much to all of you who have purchased my bracelets, you allow me to keep creating (thank you!) and for that I’m also thankful xxx I’ve had a quiet 18 months since Dad’s passing from creating, ive gone gently, gently behind the scenes and I’m thinking 2016 could be a very different year and I’m so excited to see what it may bring 🙂

‘What do you give thanks for today?