I had one of those days today where to be honest it was a challenge to find my blessing :p  

There was nothing big that went wrong as such, just a whole lot of niggles, thoughts, irritants and my usual patience levels seem to up and leave me about 4pm 🙂

But I took a deep breath & soldiered on as you do when you still have things to do & young children to organise (it’s nearly bedtime!) and while Bella is dancing around the room chasing balloons with energy levels that defy all logic with her usual 5.30am awake time (thanks Gemini Full Moon!) singing and dancing – I’m taking a moment to think of what I give thanks for today (apart from my gorgeous entertaining children 🙂 xxx ) & as I realised that I give thanks today for the wonderful world of Astrology.

I starting thinking about the energies happening at the moment in the Universe and looking at my reactions/thoughts and thinking about my chart and I reminded myself that it’s just passing weather, and that I have the choice on what I do with the energy and how I respond to it – and that awareness worked wonders xxx That and with the awareness I realised that a walk to ground out some of these feelings might just work a little extra magic once Miss Hurricane is asleep 🙂

What do you give thanks for today?