Greetings beautiful souls!

Welcome to Mystic Trinity ~ my name is Aileen ~ and this business is a big part of my heart and soul that feeds my inner fire as I simply love what I do!

Mystic Trinity was born on the 9th of August 2010 – just 3 months after Bella was born – yes a new baby and a new business – I wasn’t thinking about the logistics of that (crikey when I think back now!)  I was simply taking a leap of faith.  I had always dreamed of having my own business that allowed me to try and help inspire and empower people and to be able to offer gifts and services that uplifted them..  and so I took a deep breath, and with the blessing of my amazing husband Ed and our beautiful son Kyle… I put my Big Girl Panties On.. and I did it!   And what a Journey it has been!

My starting point was selling all different kinds of mystical gifts made by others, then I discovered a love of creating personalised gifts and my Journals were created, followed by intuitively creating personalised gemstone bracelets.  I then combined these with my passion for Astrology  –  I began my studies when Kyle was just 3 months old (notice a pattern of 3’s here!) getting my Beginners and Intermediate Certificate in Astrology –  and then had to put them aside when I had to return to full time work for 11 years, a family to raise and bills to pay and my dream went on the back burner for a while.  Beginning again with Mystic Trinity reignited my first love and gave me an opportunity to start my Advanced Certificate in Astrology which I passed at the end of last year (2015)!  I am now offering Coaching With Astrology and my newest project will be to build a website that I’ve always envisioned that will showcase all things astrological… it wouldn’t surprise you to discover I’ve called it….

A chance to offer opportunities to people to help them Ignite their Body, Mind and Spirit with my gemstone healing bracelets and  (and I’m excited to be working on some astrology resources to help inspire you!)  I believe that we are all born with gifts and often depending on what has happened in our lives it is sometimes challenging to tap into those potentials, however once we can use the key of awareness we can unlock the most amazing opportunities to manifest the dreams we long for and we can then shine our beautiful lights brightly and happily!

I love that this Journey is ever changing, and I love discovering new things about myself, my creations, and of course meeting many new amazing beautiful souls ~ I wish you much love & happiness upon your Journey, and thank you for joining me on mine 🙂

With love & smiles

Aileen xxx






Mum of 3 xxx ~ Aries Fire With Dreamy Pisces Moon ~ Lover of the Stars, Smiles & Books ~ Seeker of Wisdom ~ Intuitive Artisan ~ Dreamer ~ Student of Astrology ~ Believer in the Magic of 3 xxx


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