Under this New Moon energy … the intention is set and written down with smiles and excitement … the 2 will become ONE …

7 years of Mystic Trinity has been so so amazing for me … however for many moons now I’ve had the feeling that it is time to shed that cocoon and step into a new chapter, energy and name as I have grown and evolved so much from when I first started out … and so I’ve made a very big decision based on what feels right as I’ve always done … even if it’s super scary 🙈😊

And so …. the important announcement is ….

Mystic Trinity is becoming Sisters Of Light 🌟♥️🌟

Some of you know that my beautiful little sister Helz and I started a little biz called Sisters Of Light with great intentions but far too soon after we lost Dad so we parked it about 8 months ago while we worked out whether to close it as we had far too much healing to do or start afresh with a new concept… we’ve spent many hours together talking about how much it means to us, what our goals and visions for the future are and it become clear to us what the new direction would be …

And so we are so excited to be combining all of our lights to shine together in 2018 and beyond!

The transition of the websites, social media will follow over the coming days as I work on them… (my FB page will remain but be renamed) thank goodness Helz can hook me up with coffee! 😉 and we will keep you posted with every step!

It will be business as usual with me creating my Intention Bracelets , our Little Online Crystal Markets and hanging out here with you amazing souls … but as well we have some new projects and ideas we are working on together that we can’t wait to share with you all and will be definitely celebrating with a giveaway! 👏😊

Woohoo! Let the new chapter begin! 😊🙌🌟🥂

With love & smiles
Aileen and Helen xxx