Goddess Bracelet Giveaway

May is a very special month to me ~ my 3 beautiful babies were born this month and my amazing Mum too! A perfect month to have Mother’s Day 💕

To celebrate I’m giving away my newest Intention Bracelet ~ The Goddess Bracelet ~ that includes worldwide postage!

AND THE WINNER IS:   Diana Ketel ~ Congratulations Diana!  Your Goddess Bracelet is on the way for your good friend Kylie ~ I hope she feels recharged soon xxx


  • Comment below telling me about a Goddess in your life that inspires you & why
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  • All entries are to be in by Sunday 15th May at 9pm NZT
  • Winner will be chosen by me (as the random computer generator was having a Mercury Retro!)
  • Prize is one Goddess Bracelet and is not transferrable for cash or vouchers
  • Postage will be included and is sent via NZ Post – risk remains with NZ Post
  • Comments will be approved by me so your entry may not appear immediately

The Goddess Bracelet

A bracelet created with the intention of keeping your Goddess energy recharged and ready to roll each day!  In this busy world of ours it seemed to me that we could all do with a little extra crystal love to replenish our Body, Mind & Spirit as well as a little reminder that we have that Goddess Magic within us that will help us to reach our dreams.

The combination of these beautiful crystals are intended to weave a calm, loving serene energy around you.  They invite positive thinking, releasing worries and stress to the Universe to take care of so that you can focus on creating and manifesting the life that makes your heart smile.  A wonderful reminder to always be your authentic self, make time to listen to your inner wisdom for guidance upon your Journey and don’t be afraid to express what you feel.  Embrace your feminine power, you are stronger than you know and anything is possible when you put your hearty & mind to it!  Let your Goddess energy shine brightly like you were born to do xxx

The “Goddess” Bracelet is created with Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone and Chrysocolla infused with Reiki Healing Intentions



  1. Libby Chapman

    I have several goddesses in my life, but one in particular comes to mind, Judy. She and I have taught together and been friends for 39 years. She is the “Dorothy” in my Golden Girls and a source of strength and wisdom to my tribe. She and I are so totally different in our personalities, but we have always shared a bond of independence and an “I CAN do it!” attitude. We have mastered many projects together in our friendship and now that we’re both retired, continue to work together mastering life’s projects. She will always be one of my loudest cheerleaders! Judy, you go, girl!

    • MysticGirl

      That is awesome Libby! She sounds as amazing and as special as you are xxx Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Pixie

    I know and have met many goddesses in my journey but I would have to say my mum. She is a pillar of strength and courage. She has battled and won (so far) with breast cancer and in the last 18 long months watched her husband battle an unknown nasty illness only to now fall into her own and another health battle. But she gets up and fights for the better day in her beautiful and stubborn ways. We may not have answers for what’s going on health wise (in all of us) but mum shows strength, courage and determination regardless and with class and integrity.

    • MysticGirl

      Aw thank you for sharing Pixie ~ your Mum is truly an inspirational Goddess xxx

  3. michelle

    Hi Aileen I would love to nominate my good friend Coral Waitere She is a goddess she has bin the best mate to me for many year she’s my go to when I’ve got stuff going on she has also brought up her daughter Zen by herself and Zen is a amazing girl I know she would love a bracelet made by you We live 3hrs away frm each other and I so look forward to every visit Thank you for the opportunity to do this for her

    • MysticGirl

      What a wonderful nomination Michelle! What a wonderful Goddess friendship you have, a treasured one for life xxx

  4. Sue Gray

    Hi Aileen, I consider my best friend Dallas Schroder to be a goddess. I have been very unwell for the past 9 days and she has been there every step of the way, with her love and compassion, she comforted me and kept me going 🙂 I would love to give her something special as a way to say thank you 🙂

    • MysticGirl

      Hope you are feeling much better Sue! Dallas is indeed a Goddess and wonderful friend xxx I love hearing of your beautiful friendship and how much you mean to each other 🙂

  5. Christine Scott

    The Goddess in my Life would be my Daughter, Drea….If not for being blessed w/ her 30 years ago, I am not sure I would be alive today. It was the mid 80’s when I found out she was on the way. I was still a crazy , Music loving, Band following Girl. The Day I found out I was going to be a Mother all of that stopped, My life changed. She is my HERO..!!!!! Thank You for the chance , and for your Awesome Giveaway…..

    • MysticGirl

      Aw Christine – such beautiful words for your Drea xxx Thank you for entering!

  6. Paula R

    My Mum is the main Goddess in my life. She has always been Super Woman, right from my childhood – and she is still so supportive to this day – always putting others before herself. When my Dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness in my high school years, she worked two full time jobs and two part-time jobs (all at the same time) to support our families and to ensure that my brother and I got all the opportunities she wanted us to have – e.g. swimming club, dance lessons etc, and so that Dad could concentrate on his health and not have to worry about supporting the family. Sadly my Dad didn’t make it – but I know how much he also appreciated my Mum’s amazing support in going the extra miles during those dark days of his illness. We love my Mum to bits. She’s now coming up 70 years old, still works full-time and runs super-cheap community dance classes for others on top of this.

    • MysticGirl

      Thank you for sharing Paula xxx Your Mum sounds like an amazing inspirational Super Woman Goddess! A Mothers Love is just so powerful & so treasured xxx

  7. Diana Ketel

    The first goddess who springs to my mind is a dear friend Kylie. She’s a superb woman, mother and wife. She has 3 beautiful babies – 1 of which is an angel baby. She’s taught me a lot about myself while supporting her thru the loss of her angel. She’s been an amazing support to my while we had a battle with my nephew, which unfortunately resulted in his passing in Feb, And then her Mumma now has breast cancer. Kylie’s been through the mill and deserves something wonderful to recharge her!

    • MysticGirl

      Oh my Diana, Thank you for sharing ~ you both are strong beautiful Goddesses ~ sending you both big hugs and lots of love xxx

      • Diana Ketel

        Thank you so VERY, VERY much!!

    • MysticGirl

      Congrats Diana! You are the winner of the Goddess Bracelet xxx

  8. Lynda Whitlow

    It’s hard to think of one Goddess I would choose over all others. I know so many who would be top of the list – hence my list is horizontal and not vertical! I know so many who give their heart to their families, their communities and who do many unseen (they think) things to help others, giving their love to the community in many different ways. I am fortunate to work with a whole bunch of Goddesses who help people in need, and care so much for so many.

    • MysticGirl

      That is awesome Lynda! Its a magical thing when we all embrace our inner Goddess, helping & loving many xxx

  9. Tija Hilton-Phillips

    The goddess is my life is my daughter Tahri. Though she is only 14 what an inspiration she is to me. She’s smart, outgoing, energetic, athletic and most importantly kind and generous. She’s outspoken when it comes to issues of injustice of any kind. She’s definitely the voice for those without a voice. She’s changed my life and I am sure that she is here to change the world!

    • MysticGirl

      Oh she sounds like an amazing Goddess just like her Mumma! What beautiful words for a very inspirational daughter xx thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. Whaiora Savage

    My Goddesses is and always will be my mum she is no longer here with me she is my angel watching over me still from the heavens she still nutures, guides, supports, and loves me from afar.
    My Goddess Heeni Jane Manaia Savage.

    • MysticGirl

      Thank you for sharing Whaiora ~ sending big hugs and it is wonderful to hear you feel your beautiful Goddess Mum still ~ that is so special xxx

  11. dunja

    My Goddess lives 19,000km away….haven’t seen her (in person to cuddle her) in 8 years but she is in my mind daily and I know I’m the same with her. We share a great bond not only drinking G & T together 😉 but she has been an amazing friend for many years. If I’m the winner of the bracelet I will send it straight to her as a thank you gift for a beautiful friendship. Much aroha. xx

    • MysticGirl

      Oh wow that is a long distance away ~ your hearts remain connected and bonded, that is so beautiful xxx Thank you for sharing 🙂

  12. Caryn Vautier

    My chosen Goddess is Sharon Leeming who is my cousin by marriage. We have become so close we are like sisters.. It all started over GOOD coffee.. yip she introduced me to good, real, hot coffee.. Then my first baby was born and she was there all throughout my labour not knowing that anything was wrong.. Ellen our daughter was born at 35 wks gestation, lived for 36hrs..Sharon was there to take photos, share in the little life we had and were about to lose so quickly. I could never have got through those blue days without her she was such a rock and I miss her sooo much since she has shifted to Auckland, but we always try to keep in contact and go and have girly weekends when needed.. She will always be my Goddess..

    • MysticGirl

      Oh bless Caryn xxx Sending you big loves & hugs xxx It is so wonderful to hear that you 2 beautiful Goddess found each other .. especially over GOOD coffee.. that there is a Goddess Friendship forever bonded 🙂 xxx

  13. Brittany

    My mum is my godess! The strongest woman i know and radiates positivity 🙂 she is my idol.

    • MysticGirl

      Yay! I love reading such beautiful words about amazing Goddess Mums 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Paula

    I have a team of Goddess. Who are some of the strongest women I know. With out them I would not be here today. they helped me through a really bad time in my life even with having problems of their own. They are all an iinspiration to me.

    • MysticGirl

      That is so wonderful to hear Paula ~ a team of Goddesses sounds perfect! xxx

  15. Tracey Mantell

    My goddess would have to be my daughter, she is so wonderful. The ups and downs she has already been through, she is still a happy child. She is behind in a lot of things for her age but now with only my input along with kindergarten’s
    we are getting her to where she should be, and the transformation in the last 6 weeks makes me tear up, it’s like a miracle. She now plays, dances with the other children. She is happy to try new things now.

    • MysticGirl

      That is so beautiful Trace xxx I can’t believe how long it has been since I last saw you all xxx Sending big loves and blessings to you, your little man and your little Goddess xxx

  16. Tracey

    My friend Jane is my goddess. She is always there for me through my highs and lows even when she is going through her own turmoil. She is the most loveliest caring person in the world xxx

    • MysticGirl

      How wonderful it is to have such a wonderful Goddess friend xxx Blessings to you Tracey 🙂

  17. Kacey Jansen-Mitchener

    my amazing mum is mine, on the 16 of march I had my beautiful wee son Kytin, and my mum was there for me holding my hand all the way, well till she watched him come out, she helped me go through back labour with him, she helped me and kept encouraging me just to put up with the pain that he is nearly in the world, if I didn’t have her there I couldn’t have done it on my own with all the pain, because the people who were meant to be there couldn’t make it cause of family and aunty was traveling from greymouth. so mum is my goddess my angel my best friend and I would be lost without her.

    • MysticGirl

      Aw what beautiful words for your Goddess Mum xxx and congrats on the arrival of Kytin xxx

  18. Sarah Bell

    My three beautiful girls! They are my everything and remind me of to honour the goddess within myself to be the best mum I can be.

    • MysticGirl

      That is so awesome Sarah! xxx Love it 🙂

  19. Lynda-Marie Greenland

    The Glorious Goddess is my friend Helen. Over the last 5 years we have we become extremely close, with most of it since I have moved to Rangiora and she is now in Sanson, so LOTS of long hone calls. I know that I can count on her anytime to raise me up and to hold me safe. She is the one person that I know I get total Loving acceptance from and we have absolute Trust in each other, sharing anything and Everything, knowing the others comes with total non-judgement. With Helen I share the greatest Unconditional Love I have ever experienced in my Life. She Blesses my Life just by Being.

    • MysticGirl

      What a wonderful precious friendship you beautiful Goddesses have! Thank you for sharing xxx just beautiful xxx

  20. Jordy

    My goddess would have to be my daughter Lillie 🙂 She’s been in my life nearly 6 years now and everyday is bright with her in my life.. She’s the kindest person I know. She constantly goes out of her way to think of others and make sure all is fair in the world. She lights up my life 🙂

    • MysticGirl

      Aw Jordy! Your beautiful little Lillie is definitely a Goddess xxx Loving your beautiful words xxx

  21. Jane Ellis

    I would have to say my goddess is my mum! She’s amazing – always there for my sister and me. Always ready to lend a helping hand. Full of wisdom and so thoughtful. We are so very lucky to have her.

    • MysticGirl

      Aw blessings to you Jane! Your Mum sounds like a most wonderful Goddess 🙂 xxx

  22. Sally

    My goddess is my grandaughter, she makes me smile every day and shes the only person that keeps me going on my down days. Love her to bits 🙂

    • MysticGirl

      That is beautiful xxx Thank you for your comment Sally however this Giveaway has closed… but I intend to have more coming soon 🙂