I am very excited to be sharing our newest creations!  I say our because the gorgeous Rose Quartz Mindful Bracelet & Green Aventurine Mindful Bracelet came into being when Victoria reached out to me to create something very special for her Mindful Mum Movement!

So we talked & shared with each other what we do, what we want to do, our heart projects.. and voila..  instant connection (and lots more chatting & laughing!).  I love the work that Victoria is doing and as a busy Mum I can completely relate and I knew I would be honoured to be a part of this wonderful collaboration to be able to contribute in some way xxx

So I shall hand over & let the beautiful Victoria tell you more her Mindful Mum Movement and her concept for the bracelet 🙂

image1Hi! My name is Victoria and I created the Mindful Mum Movement here in New Zealand. This movement was created to help mums find some sanity in their parenting journey. I spend a lot of my time running workshops and teaching fellow mums about mindfulness and I have found along the way that so many mums are looking for something to help them remember to be mindful. A reminder that would be with them wherever they were. Whether they were at the supermarket, the bank, the playground or at a café. Something that would remind them to ground themselves and help them find a sense of calm.

This is how this bracelet came into existence. I wanted something beautiful, practical, useful and super trendy. Something that any mother would love to wear. It serves as a daily reminder to come home to our bodies and use our 5 senses (the 5 different coloured crystals) to tap into the present moment and allow ourselves to be mindful.

Associate yourself with this new way of living that is taking off in a massive way.

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We hope you love them!

With smiles

Aileen & Victoria