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I have been a HUGE fan of Aileen and her work at Mystic Trinity since first discovering her online back in 2011. Initially I was drawn in by the immense energetic power of her crystal bracelets – and as such I am the very proud owner of eight of them now – but she has an even deeper, most impressive gift: Intuitive Astrology.

Aileen has dug deeply into the depths of my soul and life path in our Astrological Chart Consultations, giving me greater insight to the energies at play by the planets in the sky and how they affect me personally based on my chart. Even before I could spill my beans Aileen dazzled me with her incredible accuracy absolutely nailing my headspace, emotions and even events that were unfolding in my life – all from her incredibly gifted understanding of Astrology. To me, Aileen’s gift is pure magic and our time spent together has given me greater insight, understanding and power to affect positive change in my life and achieve my goals. Her empathy, friendship and lovingly honest approach is something I enjoy and greatly respect. It’s one thing to know about someone’s path – it’s another to help them maintain alignment to it. Aileen is a master practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a little Mysticism, Magic and Astrological Nous in their lives. Oh and those crystal bracelets are our of this world also – made with love and a little bit of Aileen in each one!
Mel Desmond

Founder, Manifest Your Magic

My personalized crystal bracelet is instantly providing me with life altering energy shifts & I’m still attuning to it! Thank you so much as your love & light have changed my life xxx



The bracelet came today in the mail and I absolutely love it!  Not only did it fit perfectly, but the colors are magnificent and I felt an immediate draw to the properties of the crystals.  For the first time since doing laps on my inclining driveway, I added the final lap to make it a mile tonight!  That was after Josh and I had worked all afternoon cleaning up the deck furniture for the season.
Thank you for all of your thought, energy and love that you put into the bracelet as you were creating it.  I will covet it and carry it with me always.
Libby C


Aileen made me a positively luminous personalized bracelet! It resonates with me so well that I got chills when I put it on. The personal reading that accompanied was spot on as well. Her positivity is infectious and her talent/gift is keen and delightful!

Ronni DuLaney


Aileen’s beautiful creations are a total delight…
I love the beautiful customised and personalised crystal bracelets and necklaces she has made me .. all wrapped up in friendly and professional service. She puts her heart and soul in to everything….



“Aileen was born with a natural gift for astrology. She may not have studied it for as long as other astrologers I know but she makes up for it with her initiative, intuition and passion.

It’s not only “what” she knows that makes a difference – but how she delivers the information. There’s no doubt she is a talented counsellor and healer”.

Michelle is a Hay House Author of Numerology Guidance Book and Numerology Oracle Deck

Michelle Buchanan

Owner, Michelle Buchanan Numerologist

Her crystals are top quality and her bracelets are awesome! I highly recommend this wonderful lady ♥

Vicki P


Wow just received my beautiful braclet. Felt the energy as soon as I put it on. Goose bumps all over my body for a full minute. Thank you. Xx



I have had my bracelet for just 1 week but I absolutely love it!! Feeling really good about myself and my journey and life is moving in the right direction. I feel very peaceful since receiving my personalised bracelet.



Love Mystic Trinity, Love the crystal markets, Love all my bracelets (4) The posts are inspiring and uplifting, sometimes funny and sometimes just what I need to read 🙂



Beautiful person, creations and I always love Aileen’s way of making you feel special through her words and vision.



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