“Elements” ~ Custom Made Astrology Bracelet & Mini Astro Report




A personalised bracelet created especially for you guided by the stars above ~ looking at the elements in your chart and creating a bracelet to bring them into balance.

My love of astrology & creating gemstone healing bracelets inspired me to bring you this combination of both!  Your bracelet is created by me intuitively after studying your horoscope  (The moment you arrived and drew your first breath the Universe celebrated ~ gifting you with a blueprint of your natal promise ~ your horoscope.  Your horoscope is a snapshot in time of the planets above & this chart is like a map to find your true potentials to be all that you can be).

Each chart is made up of  elements Fire (Spirit) , Earth (Body) , Air (Mind) & Water (Emotions) and often we may have more of other than another ~ for example I don’t have any Earth in my chart – it can be a challenge for me to take all of my million and one ideas floating around in my mind and focus enough to find a way to bring that energy through and use it in a practical sense (and that is why I wear a bracelet with a lot of grounding stones!)

Each gemstone I will choose to help with healing, any energy blockages or imbalances I feel may help transform & bring those synergies together into alignment so that they make enable you to feel more centred & in harmony.  Your bracelet is infused with Reiki Healing Intentions, love & smiles xxx

After your bracelet is completed I will email you through a mini report (approx 2 pages) which include the reasons why I have selected your gemstone  ~ this is truly a unique gift for yourself or for someone special!

To create this bracelet for you I will need your date of birth and place of birth please, (time of birth if known but not required for this bracelet)

With love & smiles


** Please note the photo attached is an example of the healing bracelets I create – please let me know at the time of ordering if you would like a charm added or removed – my signature charm I usually use is the triquetra **

All bracelets come in a beautiful organza bag with crystal information & care instructions.

Please note this design is created with 24 x 8mm natural gemstone beads and would fit a wrist approx 19cm which is my standard size (and that is default setting for wrist size)

When you order your bracelet be sure to select your wrist size so that I can create the perfect fit for you.   Some people ask the best way to do this if they don’t know there wrist size and I usually suggest getting a piece of string and putting it snugly around the wrist and then laying it out next to a ruler or tape measure.

Disclaimer:  Mystic Trinity makes no claims as to the healing properties of gemstones.  Healing and other properties associated with crystals are given for information only.  This information is offered as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment.

Additional information

Wrist Size

15cm, 16cm, 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm