Natal Astrology Report



Your birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens above when you took your first breath and arrived into this wonderful thing called life!

We look to the skies above us ~ during the day the Sun shining so brightly warmly upon our skin it gives a sense of being alive and our Spirit responds in happiness ~ during the night we gaze in wonderment at the Moon looking so beautiful in the starry skies that somehow works a powerful magic with the ocean tides on earth ~ ebbs and flows ~ as she completes her cycle each month reflecting the powerful light of the Sun to us all she speaks to our Soul .. and as we stand with our feet on the ground we use those energies from above & bring them down into our day to day life to use as we wish.

Astrology is the intuitive art of reading the energy patterns of the planets in your birth chart and gaining insights to help you understand yourself better.  It contains  the potentials and the shadow sides – your patterns and cycles ~ and with that understanding, can give you some powerful information to work with as you choose,  in many areas in your life.

If you have always wanted to know a little bit more about your natal chart – our new computer generated Natal Astrology Reports  – approx 20 pages long  – may be a wonderful resource for you.

If you have your time of birth they will be detailed to include the areas of your life likely to be affected most, if you don’t have your time of birth you can still make the most of the general energy patterns & your natural tendencies however please note that your Moon sign may have changed signs on that day as it moves quickly – for unknown reports I set the time for noon  – your report approx 10 pages long.

This report will be emailed in PDF format with 24 hours once payment is received, your name, date and place of birth and time of birth if known – I will also include a copy of your birth chart like in the cover photo!

To see a sample of a Natal Chart with Time Of Birth – Natal Interpretation of Johnny Depp

To see a sample of a Natal Chart with Time Of Birth Unknown – Natal Interpretation of Joe Bloggs


The Author :  Julia Lupton Skalka, has been a professional astrologer, writer and teacher in the Washington, D.C., area since 1974. For more than 18 years, she has been a contributor to Dell Horoscope. Articles about her have appeared in the Washington Post and USA Today, and she has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. She is the author of The Astrological Baby Book, The Instant Horoscope Reader and The Instant Horoscope Predictor.