Transit Astrology Report



Sometimes you may not feel like having a consultation with an astrologer but you would love a resource that will allow to you  look at the year ahead and see what energy patterns await you so that you can put an actions plan in place – what days are best to schedule for curling up with a good book, getting creative, getting your focused game plan on and achieving your dreams!

Our new computer generated Transit Astrology Reports are just the thing for you – approx 75-80 pages long there is lots of insights contained in them for you to enjoy.  If you have your time of birth they will be detailed to include the areas of your life likely to be affected most, if you don’t have your time of birth you can still make the most of the general energy patterns – your report approx 60-70 pages long and I will include a birth chart like in the cover photo!

This report will be emailed in PDF format with 24 hours once payment is received, your name, date and place of birth and time of birth if known.

Sample of Transit Report with Birth Time – Transit Interpretation of Johnny Depp

Sample of Transit Report with Birth Time Unknown – Transit Interpretation of Joe Bloggs


The Author :  Julia Lupton Skalka, has been a professional astrologer, writer and teacher in the Washington, D.C., area since 1974. For more than 18 years, she has been a contributor to Dell Horoscope. Articles about her have appeared in the Washington Post and USA Today, and she has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows. She is the author of The Astrological Baby Book, The Instant Horoscope Reader and The Instant Horoscope Predictor.